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Amoi Issa | Founder & Director of Caribbean VIP Ltd

Meet Our Founder

Amoi Issa is the Founder and Director of Caribbean VIP Ltd.


As a child, she wanted to become an Astronaut. But, destiny curved that career aspiration a little bit (ok, ok, destiny curved that a LOT); and, years later, having specialized her education and professional development in Hotel and Tourism Management, Culinary Management and Professional Business Management, Amoi Leon-Issa was pretty much destined to lead a company in the travel arena… or at least, creating rich, palpable, lasting memories for everyone around her.  

Fast forward a few years later, after heading Marketing and Sales for several companies based in the Caribbean and Spain, she HAD to birth Caribbean VIP Ltd to take travel experiences to a much higher level in a holistic fashion, to suit the discerning palettes of  true jetsetters.  Not all travellers are the same, hence, the dream was basically to have all experiences under one umbrella, while curating experiences specifically according to each travellers’ preferences.  Hence, Caribbean VIP was born.


With a wealth of industry experience, creative flair and laser-sharp attention to detail and knowing the ins and outs of globetrotting  far and wide, every aspect of our clients’’ experience must be handled to perfection, otherwise, it’s just not good enough. The top core value of Caribbean VIP Ltd. is ‘EXCEPTIONAL EVERYTHING’. including exceptional, lasting memories for every single client! For us, no request can ever be too big. Try us and you'll see!  Take the Caribbean VIP experience, then you’ll know exactly what that means! 

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