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Planning a Destination Corporate Event

So you’ve decided to have a destination corporate event. Now what?

You’ve been handed the monumental task of putting together a destination corporate retreat for your company... In Jamaica! But you’ve never been to Jamaica before! Whoa!!! How on earth will you get that done!!??

Where do you start? Who do you start with? How on earth will you get that done?

You’re probably thinking that this is crazy....why can’t they just do their executive retreat somewhere locally like they used to?! How on earth are you gonna get this done while being thousands of miles away from the intended destination?

First, pick up your phone and call a good, reputable, Destination event planning company. Preferably one that has tons of experience doing events in the destination you’re going to.

You absolutely do NOT want to use a company that doesn’t have experience in the destination. Here’s why: there are many many different laws and unspoken rules that are unique to almost every single destination. Take it from us!

And the last thing you want, is in the middle of your planning, or worse, in the middle of your event, something completely unexpected happens that ruins your event. For example, you don’t want that in the middle of a corporate dinner happening on the beach on a lovely Caribbean island on a warm, balmy night, with music and merriment, the cops showing up to shut off the event because... ummm... an event permit was not acquired!

Or a permit was not acquired to play music so the entire event has to be shut down! What a catastrophe that would be! Believe me, we have seen it happen... in real life! Don’t let this be you.

Every island has its own rules and laws, many of which are revised or new laws implemented very often. So, something that’s a law this year, can be totally revised to something different next month or next year and so on. Google is not gonna tell you that.

And that’s just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG! This is just one reason to choose a knowledgeable destination event planner who KNOWS, not just one who depends on Google to know stuff. Some things just can't be Googled. Trust us on that one!

Call us, the experts at Caribbean VIP Ltd, when planning your next destination event! Corporate retreats, weddings, leisure stay etc. WE KNOW THINGS THAT GOOGLE DOES NOT!!!

One Love!

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