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Five Fun Activities for Families in JAMAICA

Jamaica is perhaps the most complete destination in the Caribbean for family travel.

With a very diverse list of accommodations and offerings to suit almost every type of traveller along all budgets, it is a wonderful destination for family travel. Whether it will be a laid-back vacation or one infused with a bit of adventure, here are five highly recommended activities that families may enjoy together:

1. Swim on Horseback with Chukka Adventures

Want to know what magic feels like? Go for a leisurely canter through the hills and valleys off the beaten path, then make your way on horseback down to the ocean where the horses make an easy step into the ocean and before you know, you’re in the deep with the horses swimming while you’re on horseback. Yes, very very dreamy. I mean... what a way to get a tan!

2. Swim with the Dolphins

With multiple areas on the island where you can do this magical excursion, swimming with the dolphins definitely is one to put on your list! For individuals of all ages, we need not say more. Get your cameras and Instagram feed ready in case you’re lucky enough to get a kiss from them! No joke!

3. Climb Dunns River Falls and Zipline over the Falls

Dunns River Falls is undoubtedly one of Jamaica’s treasures. It’s a definite must-do while staying on the island. As one of the very few waterfalls in the world that can be climbed from top to bottom, it's an experience that must not be skipped. With the warm sun above and the crisp, cool water gushing over you on the waterfalls, grab the family and join hands as a guide takes you step-by-step all the way up while you enjoy all the little enjoyable spots on the falls while making your way up. Take our word for it and go. As Jamaicans say, once you go, you know!

4. Cliff Jumping in Negril

With some of the best sunsets on its horizon, who wouldn’t want to get in touch with their inner daredevil and cliff-jump in Negril! Rick’s Cafe is one of the most popular places to show your bravado when jumping off the 35-foot high cliffs! Papa Bear can try to high cliffs, and for those just getting in touch with their adventurous side, there are lower levels to take a smaller splash from. Afterward, relax in one of their poolside cabanas and sip a cocktail while enjoying the world-renowned sunsets.

5. Bobsledding at Mystic Mountain

This exhilarating activity will allow you to zip through the jungle in a bobsled, surely giving you a good Adrenaline rush! Bobsleds can accommodate either one or 2 persons. No drivers Licence required and totally kid-friendly (when with an adult, of course). There’s also zip lining and a very very cool water slide that may be enjoyed, all atop the mountain with breathtaking vistas of the azure sea.

Bonus: Aqua Thrill Seekers Pass at Chukka Good Hope

Get this pass through your travel professional and play fore the whole day at Chukka’s Aqua adventure park at Good Hope.

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